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7 Best Places for Water Sports in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains region might be better known for its peaks, but closer to sea level sit a number of excellent waterways ideal for wakeboarding, water skiing and other water sports activities.

Visitors who prefer to get out on the water can satisfy their cravings for epic thrills on numerous reservoirs and lakes. These adventure playgrounds also double as excellent family-friendly environments with ample fishing, playground and picnic space.

Read on for the best Snowy Mountains water sports destinations.

Snowy Mountains Water Sports Destinations

1. Blowering Reservoir

About three hours from Canberra via car, Blowering Reservoir is encircled by lush mountains and hills. A number of boat ramps around the reservoir accommodate for all forms of boating, whether visitors want to cruise, fish, water ski or go tubing. Guests can also take advantage of its barbeque facilities and clean drinking water.

2. Lake Eucumbene

The man-made Lake Eucumbene has become one of the best trout fishing destinations in New South Wales. Most travellers head to Anglers Reach or Old Adaminaby, but visitors can also base their boating holiday in Buckenderra, Braemar Bay or Providence Portal. These towns provide excellent gateways to the water where guests can enjoy exhilarating water sports or a rewarding hunt for trout.

3. Khancoban Pondage

Another man-made body of water as part of the Snowy Mountain Scheme, Khancoban Pondage is ideal for stand-up paddleboarding, water skiing and casual boating. Khancoban is also a popular fishing spot, thanks to its abundance of Atlantic salmon and trout. The distant tapestry of wild, undulating mountains and manicured farmland combined with picnic and playground facilities at the water’s edge make Khancoban Pondage an ideal holiday destination.

Stand-up paddleboarding Snowy Mountains

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4. Tantangara Reservoir

Tucked deep within the Bimberi Wilderness, reaching Tantangara Reservoir takes a little bit of off-road navigation. With no towns in sight, Tantangara completely immerses visitors in the isolation and beauty of Australia’s natural playground. There’s no better word than “playground” to sum up this iconic water sports destination, where visitors can wakeboard, kayak and find a variety of fishing opportunities.

5. Lake Jindabyne

The Lake Jindabyne township provides the perfect launching pad for enjoying all types of water-related activities. From canoeing and kayaking to windsurfing, sailing and powerboating, there are numerous activities to enjoy on this expansive body of water. Numerous ramps around town make it easy to launch watercrafts, while the town itself features an abundance of equipment providers. A handful of offshore islands, such as Lion and Cub, also provide stunning scenic outlooks that are unique to Snowy Mountains lakes.

6. Talbingo Reservoir

With no power boating restrictions, the Talbingo Reservoir is considered one of the best spots in the Snowy Mountains for action-packed water sports. Long stretches of deep, flat water provide ideal terrain for wakeboarders and kneeboarders and water skiers to unleash their repertoire of Indy Backsides and Front Flips. Beginners, on the other hand, can enjoy a calm surface while learning to surf the wake. With its large population of trout, Talbingo is also a popular place for fishing holidays.

Fly fishing Snowy Mountains

7. Tooma Reservoir

Set within Kosciuszko National Park, the Tooma Reservoir is well-served by a main road that branches off from two highways. The reservoir is known for water sports and all forms of boating including kayaking and canoeing with an average depth of about 12 metres, which means there is plenty of deep water for speedboats and pleasure crafts to let loose. The closest township is Khancoban about 21 kilometres away, but visitors will find camping facilities closer to the water.

Water Sports Galore in the Snowy Mountains

Keen wakeboarders, water skiers and fanatics of water sports will find the Snowy Mountains to be a dream destination. Whether travellers are looking for fishing opportunities, a lakeside picnic or jumps behind a speedboat, water enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in destinations in the Snowy Mountains.

Combined with waterside accommodation in the form of camping, caravan parks and hotels, Australia’s Snowy Mountains boasts some of the best water sports destinations in the world. For an adventurous water sports centred holiday, look no further than the Snowy Mountains.

Have you water skied, fished or kayaked in the Snowy Mountains? Let us know about your favourite Snowy Mountains water sports destination in the comments below.


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