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Where to Mountain Bike in the Snowy Mountains

Sure, it starts with a mountain, but there’s more to exhilarating mountain biking than just a steep slope. The Snowy Mountains proves this with its hundreds of kilometres of rideable terrain to explore. Here visitors will find dense forests, chilly alpine territory, breathtaking valleys and plains, and an ever-changing wilderness that complement an abundance of marked riding trails.

Whether visitors have been riding mountain bikes for years or a few days, they’ll find the perfect trail for challenging themselves or building up their skills. From intense downhill tracks to leisurely rides past scenic rivers and lakes, here are the best mountain bike regions in the Snowy Mountains.

Top Snowy Mountains Mountain Bike Tracks

1. Lake Crackenback

Although the riding trails at Lake Crackenback are part of a resort called Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa, they’re open to the public as long as riders register at the Resort Activity Centre. The resort maintains these trails year-round, offering visitors a range of mountain bike tracks to challenge both beginners and experts alike.

The Bullocks Hut Track is ideal for newbies with its shared pathways, while the intermediate trails, such as Thredbo River Loop and Muzzlewood, dish up fast-flowing single tracks, tight corners, rocky terrain and man-made obstacles.

2. Bungarra Alpine Centre

With almost 20 kilometres of professionally-built mountain bike trails, Bungarra Alpine Centre is one of the Snowy Mountains’ finest destinations for mountain biking. Five relaxed trails covering more than seven kilometres provide excellent routes for easing beginners into downhill speed. The longest is the Higwan Nature Trail, which includes pleasant leisurely moments where riders can simply enjoy the scenery.

The rest of the land is taken up by numerous intermediate and black diamond expert runs, the latter of which include challenging twists and turns down a series of steep slopes. Riders will also find a one-kilometre skill progression area that presents a number of structures for those wanting to catch air off their jumps.

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3. Perisher

The trails in Perisher are spread across two mountains at the Perisher Ski Resort, taking riders to summits up to 2,054 and 1,900 metres high. The trails aren’t graded for mountain bikes, which means riders have to contend with steep sections that run straight down the slope. However, visitors adventurous enough to ride these tracks are rewarded with the spectacular alpine scenery. Those looking for an easier route can take Smiggins Link Road, located close to Perisher Valley.

4. North Ridge Reserve, Cooma

Visitors will find a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails at North Ridge Reserve. A combination of old service roads, walking trails and motorbike tracks make up the majority of these runs, which present riders with a plenty of varied and surprising terrain.

Beginner riders will appreciate the spacious double tracks mixed with rougher and steeper sections where it is possible to test their limits. More experienced riders can access challenging terrain on the Lambie Bush Trail in addition to incredible lookouts over Cooma. In Cooma, visitors will find ample parking along with convenient access to nearby shops and restaurants.

5. Thredbo

Thredbo has quickly become one of Australia’s most popular mountain bike resorts during the warmer seasons. Chairlift access takes riders to Thredbo Village, about 1,350 metres high, making the trail a common one-way, downhill affair.

Many riders, beginners and experts alike, stick to the 17-kilometre-long Thredbo Valley Track, which mostly features easy sections with some more challenging terrain mixed in, such as the bridge crossings. Thredbo also boasts the adrenalin-pumping Cannonball Downhill Trail and the Hollywood Jump Park for more skilled riders.

Snowy Mountains Thredbo mountain bikes

6. Khancoban

In Khancoban’s ‘The Basin’, riders will find more challenging trails. The single tracks are well marked, but riders should be prepared for steep and rocky terrain with sharp corners added in for good measure. Service trails connect some of the runs, giving riders a well-earned break before diving into more intense action. The most challenging trails at Khancoban include downhill corners, steep climbing and tight switchbacks where experienced riders can test their skills.

Where will you find your mountain bike thrills?

From mountain bike resorts to unforgiving basins, the Snowy Mountains is home to some of Australia’s top mountain biking destinations. From riders who will risk anything for that blood-pumping speed to those who simply want to soak in stunning scenery while working up a sweat, riders of all skill levels and preferences are well catered for.

Visitors are guaranteed that every day is sure to bring even more excitement than the next when indulging in a mountain biking in the Snowy Mountains. An added bonus, the accommodation options in Thredbo, Perisher, Khancoban and the surrounding area, provide a perfect place to rest those weary muscles before another exciting action-packed day on the trails.

Where will you be riding on your next Snowy Mountains holiday? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. lake crackenback is over 25 kilometers of scenic trails encompass the lake, nearby Thredbo River along with views of the Kosciuszko National Park and Bullocks Hut. The trails will rate amongst the best you have ridden, with stunning scenery to match. Roll through some of our amazing single track and open trails within our 150 acres of natural bushland with the backdrop of the Snowy Mountains.

  2. Bungarra Alpine Centre permanently closed. Bungarra Alpine Centre was a really nice place for cycling. I was visited there many times. Sorry to hear the place was closed. Other places on this list like North Ridge Reserve, Cooma & Khancoban is absolutely nice.

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