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Best Culinary Experiences in Mildura: Australia’s Food Bowl

Fresh is best when it comes to dining in Mildura. The locals know this culinary secret better than anywhere else, as Mildura delivers exceptional wineries, award-winning restaurants and garden markets right beside the mighty Murray River.

No matter the day of the week, Mildura’s gourmet eateries always uphold their “paddock to plate” principles, using fresh local produce to create mouth-watering dishes that pair perfectly with a glass of one of Australia’s best wines.

With 400 million visitors to HotelsCombined each year, we’ve discovered the top food experiences in Mildura as well as two incredible hotels where you can call home. If you’re searching for your next food-themed holiday, then look no further as Mildura will spoil you from start to finish.

Even MasterChef Can’t Say No

MasterChef Murray River

Mildura certainly has some pulling power when it comes to food and wine aficionados, recently attracting Network TEN’s MasterChef crew as part of “Heston Week”. Matt Preston, George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and guest judge Heston Blumenthal descended upon Mildura, challenging contestants to do their best in highlighting the region’s premium produce through a series of innovative dishes.

You can watch this episode and see the local businesses MasterChef visited by going to tenplay. You might even discover a few new restaurants, cafes and cellar doors to visit on your next Mildura holiday.

Uncover Fresh Local Produce

Murray River chef and food

Mildura’s dedication to fresh and locally-sourced produce has earned it the reputation as one of Australia’s best culinary destinations. The town’s “paddock to plate” motto is easy to achieve with the abundance of delicious fish, meat, fruit and veggies found locally. Indulge in Mallee lamb on your Mildura holiday, or sample the famous Murray cod, reeled straightout of the Murray River.

Home to orchards and market gardens, Mildura produces more than half of Australia’s grapes and almonds, along with pistachios, carrots, asparagus and various citrus fruits. Even the pink Murray River Salt is considered an indispensable ingredient to chefs around the world.

Premium Vintages at Boutique Wine Bars

Mildura Boutique Wine Bars

The range of distinctive wines at Mildura is one reason why the region attracts thousands of visitors each year. If you have a love for discovering new types of wine, pop into one of Mildura’s cellar doors or wine bars. Sunraysia Cellar Door stands out with over 250 Murray River wines, local oils, dried fruit and a “try before you buy” option.

Whether you’re catching up with friends, dining on light bites or simply enjoying some holiday downtime, these establishments offer the perfect setting and wine to accompany any occasion. Mr + Co Winebar is another popular establishment, where you’ll find an impressive international wine list, along with whisky and gin collections and a tempting menu of modern fusion food.

Feast Street Cafes & Restaurants

Mildura Cafes & Restaurants

Mildura’s “Feast Street” precinct is home to a gallery of cosy cafes and fine-dining restaurants, each with their own character. Restaurants here showcase sumptuous cuisine from around the world, covering Malaysian, Spanish, British, Italian, Mexican, Thai and Japanese fare. The area’s local favourites, such as Stefano’s and The Bistro Mildura, spoil you with upscale Italian cuisine and Australian classics in a grand historic setting.

Local pizza cafes, coffee shops and grill bars offer a more casual dining experience if you prefer sidewalk dining coupled with welcoming staff and internationally-revered wine lists. Take advantage of the popular Chaffey Restaurant right outside your room when staying at the four-star BEST WESTERN Chaffey International Motor Inn, which also boasts a heated pool, barbecue area and opulent Deluxe Spa Suites.

Historical Viticulture at Australia’s Top Wineries

Australia's Top Wineries

Mildura’s history with wine dates back to 1888 when the first Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro and Shiraz grapes were planted. Since then, Mildura has excelled as a regional wine industry, offering high quality and affordability. With a range of boutique and family-run wineries and large companies with household names, Mildura’s wine estates are home to some of Australia’s best Chardonnay, Merlot, Tempranillo, Pinot Gris and Fiano.

What’s the secret? Well, Mildura’s ideal climate certainly helps, but it comes down to passionate winemakers employing traditional techniques with state-of-the-art equipment. You can meet these winemakers and sample their award-winning wines while visiting many of the cellar doors around Mildura. Chateau Mildura, Oak Valley Estate, Cappa Stone Wines and other wineries are the perfect places to sample a glass alongside live music and the scenic Murray River.

Drink, Sing & Catch Up in Local Pubs

Mildura Pubs

Are you the kind of traveller who loves to be immersed in local culture? Then head to a local pub, where you’ll meet plenty of locals and discover how the friendly Mildura folks like to socialise. The food is always superb, sourced from nearby farms and paired with wines you can’t find anywhere else. More than anything, it’s the captivating live music and warm hospitality that will make you stay far longer than you planned.

Head to the Sandbar to see Mildura’s largest beer garden, or try one of the 18 different draught beers and ciders at The Cider Tree. Stay overnight at intimate Aarinda Holiday Apartments for a social holiday experience, where you’ll find an alfresco barbecue area and easy access to GolGol, where you can drink beside the Murray River at the GolGol Hotel.

Mildura: A Place to Eat, Drink and Live

If there’s one place you should visit while exploring the Murray River, it’s Mildura. The food and wine alone put it near the top of any holiday dream list, showcasing what a difference locally-grown produce and wine makes to your taste buds. This diverse region serves up a variety of memorable culinary experiences, from cellar doors and winery tours to lively pubs and charming streets lined with cafes.

The most popular Mildura accommodation complements the town’s emphasis on socialising and eating with on-site restaurants and barbecue facilities. These cosy Mildura havens allow you to cook up meat sourced from a family-owned farm just around the corner, or take a lovely stroll into town for a gourmet meal, offering the perfect setting to enjoy your next culinary adventure.

What food and wine experiences in Mildura appeal to you the most? Let us know in the comments.


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