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Guess How Many Hotel Nights You Can Score With $50

How far can you make US$50 go on budget accommodation? The answer to that is often determined by where you’re travelling. Let’s be honest, if you want your money to last longer than it takes to read this sentence, you’re going to have to book a 1-star hotel or hostel.

For some countries, this still means less than a day’s worth of accommodation, while for others it’s closer to a week. Extra perks like free breakfast and Wi-Fi might also be available, depending on where you go.

With over 400 million annual visitors to HotelsCombined, we’ve uncovered the cheapest 1-star accommodation destinations and compared them to some of the biggest cities around the world to help you save time and money. You can spend days narrowing your search down to the cheapest destination with the best quality 1-star accommodation, or you could spend the next few minutes browsing this detailed infographic and soon be ticking those dream destinations off your bucket list!

Guess How Many Hotel Nights You Can Score With $50

What’s your favourite budget destination?

As we’ve discovered, $50 can be a lot of money in one city or barely a teardrop in the waterfall in another. Those searching for a budget-friendly getaway actually have a large range of affordable destinations to choose from, where $50 can guarantee up to five days of accommodation.

Phuket, Kuta, Manaus and Cancun are some of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations. However, the 1-star hotels in pricier cities, such as Zurich and New York, give you a better chance of scoring free Wi-Fi and a private ensuite with your room.

Master the art of getting the most value for your money on accommodation and start imagining yourself travelling around the world. If you want to stretch your vacation days or have time to explore more than one exotic location, consider booking a 1-star hotel when planning your next budget-friendly holiday.

Author: Ben Stower

I'm enamoured with travel, whether it's finding the quiet, local sanctuaries in touristic cities, venturing into rock vaults in a distant jungle or spending hours on a Spanish beach. I can't see an end to my travelling. Just another chapter and another story to tell.

Ben Stower
I'm enamoured with travel, whether it's finding the quiet, local sanctuaries in touristic cities, venturing into rock vaults in a distant jungle or spending hours on a Spanish beach. I can't see an end to my travelling. Just another chapter and another story to tell.
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6 thoughts on “Guess How Many Hotel Nights You Can Score With $50”

  1. What a great read, it’s always fascinating to see how hotel rates vary from destination to destination. Personally I love cheaper countries like Bali and Thailand, where you can book luxe villas and suites (or friendly homestays) for a steal. And the food is ahhhhmazing!!! Oh, and free Wi-Fi is a MUST for me!!

  2. Great article. I think many people aren’t aware of the amazing places out there within this price range. I was so impressed by the great location, friendly staff and value for money at Destiny Boutique Hotel on Jl. Drupadi in Seminyak (Bali) that I booked another stay later in my trip. Certainly didn’t feel like I was “roughing it”!

  3. Yeah, I’d also vote for SE Asia – Nepal is insanely cheap and although rooms can be basic you always get a private bathroom and often free wi-fi. There’s tons of cheap hotels and guest houses in Kathmandu if you want to explore the old temples and heritage, and if you head up to Pokhara there’s similar accomodation options (and some swankier ones), where you can chill by the lake and make a base for trekking in the Annapurna Himalayas.

    Laos is very cheap as well, in particular I’d recommend the lovely city of Luang Prabang which is full of golden temples and old Portuguese buildings and it has a big variety of cheap accommodation and a vibrant coffee shop culture. If you want to go super low budget and don’t mind more rustic acommodation then head to 4000 islands in the south of Laos where you can relax by the river in huts along the riverside, swing in your hammock and watch the sunsets or go paddling out on tubes – a great place to wind down after travelling around.

    Another super-cheap option is Cambodia, if you’ve already checked out Siam Reap/Ankhor Wat, then check out the islands around Sihanoukville. That town is nothing special and the beach is poor, but just south of it is the lovely Otres beach with some really nice but cheap hotels, and the surrounding paradise islands which you can reach from Sihanoukville like Koh Rong are just amazing and very cheap.

    Finally I also want to recommend Vietnam, specifically the amazing town of Hoi An. There’s lots of pricey accommodation but some very nice budget accommodation too. This old town is an art and history bug full of lovely yellow old Portuguese buildings, art, tailors (which it’s famous for), restaurants, coffee shops, temples and it’s on a quaint riverside. There’s loads of cheap things to do here and more expensive, but worthwhile, cultural tours like bicycle and photography tours.

    I’ve found that even accounting for a longer flight to Asia, its so cheap once you get over there that it still ends up being a lot cheaper than a holiday at home or in places like Europe, the US, etc – and you can live like a king if you save money on cheap accommodation!

  4. As a working digital nomad, I’d have to second the Wifi as a necessity! Zurich, Switzerland — the fact that you can actually visit there on a budget is amazing on its own! Also, private bathrooms truly are a luxury — not to be undervalued. My second choice would be Thailand, as it is a country full of budget-travel opportunities, if you’re willing to do the research.

  5. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always useful to read through articles from other authors and practice something from other sites.

  6. What a cool way to see how far you can stretch your money! I was actually surprised that Sydney had more than places like New York and Las Vegas and was even close to Cancun, I always assumed it was super expensive! I’ve been to Thailand and I have to agree, its the best value for your travel money. You can find really luxurious accommodation for affordable rates, and the meals are only around $1! I rather spend less on my accommodation though and spend my money on things to do, so I love the idea of how you broke this down into travel experience comparisons. Shocking that 2 beers in Zurich go for one night in Cambodia. I’m curious how many beers in Cambodia go for one night stay in Zurich! As far as amenities – for me wi-fi is a must-have, even over a private bathroom!

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