Destinations / United States

Boston with Kids | Top Hotels and Things To Do

Compact and easy to navigate on foot, Boston guarantees a wicked good time with its collection of interactive museums, gorgeous public gardens and renowned attractions that will keep...

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World travel / Europe

Top 14 London Hotels with Saunas and Hot Tubs

London is full of iconic sights, from Big Ben to Trafalgar Square, but what happens when you need a break from the hustle and bustle? After traversing the big city, it’s nice to know...

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Destinations / Middle East & North Africa

6 Best Safari Destinations in Africa with Hotels

Africa boasts incredible landscapes teeming with diverse wildlife, making one of the world’s best destinations for a safari expedition. From the annual migration in Tanzania to the...

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Destinations / South America

Best Hotels Near Rio Carnival

Known for its postcard-perfect beaches and cultural attractions, Rio de Janeiro is a fun-loving Brazilian city that also hosts one of the biggest parties in the world – Carnival....

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Destinations / Asia

Where To Stay During Cherry Blossom Season In Japan

Japan is famous for its flowering cherry blossom season, which typically lasts between late March to mid-April. The blush-tinted blooms are a sought-after attraction throughout the...

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Destinations / Australia

Wink wink: Valentine’s Day Trips for Singles in Australia

Are you wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day when you are single? There are plenty of cities and towns around Australia perfect for singles seeking V-Day parties, lively backpacker...

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Destinations / Europe / Asia

Most Romantic Castle Hotels In The World

There’s magic to be found in this world when it comes to our historic castles, from the fairy tale-esque Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany to the 16th-century Dunguaire Castle on the...

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