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12 Photos of Celebrities in Luxury Hotels that will Blow Your Mind

There are only a few certainties in life, and one of them is that celebrities really know how to travel. Maybe it’s because they make ridiculous amounts of money, or maybe there’s an ongoing competition among celebrities to be the one living it up the most. Regardless, these A-listers show us exactly what an opulent holiday entails through their enviable Instagram posts.

Fortunately, in what many are calling the “golden age” of travel, these 12 photos of celebrities in luxury hotels are no longer just fuel for our daydreams. With five-star hotels now more accessible than ever, you can use these pics for your own #holidayinspiration. The only question left to answer is: Which celebrities know how to holiday best?

1. Justin Bieber – Makepeace Island, Australia

Justin Bieber at Makepeace Island

Question his life choices all you want, Justin Bieber sure can nail it when it comes to picking a luxury resort. The Biebs found this heart-shaped paradise right off the coast of Noosa, Australia. Makepeace Island is an utterly secluded hotel and boasts a perfect 10/10 rating according to HotelsCombined visitors. It still looks stunning even on a cloudy day.


2. Lea Michele – Four Seasons Resort Maui, USA

Lea Michele at Four Seasons Resort Maui

Lea Michele shows us that when you’ve got an infinity pool overlooking the Maui coast, the only thing left to do is some morning yoga. The five-star Four Seasons Resort Maui is known for a lot more than just its pools, including family-friendly amenities and world-class cuisine.


3. Kate Walsh – Mousai Hotel, Mexico

Kate Walsh at Mousai Hotel

Not all infinity pools are created equal, as Kate Walsh recently proved during her stay at Mousai Hotel, the first and only 5 Diamond-awarded hotel in Puerto Vallarta. I bet we could all picture ourselves in the Grey’s Anatomy star’s position right now. Maybe not with that hat on, but definitely with a refreshing cocktail.


4. Chris Hemsworth – Qualia, Australia

Chris Hemsworth at Qualia

For the first time in maybe ever, Chris Hemsworth’s muscles play second fiddle to Hamilton Island’s serene nature and qualia’s picturesque infinity pool. One of Australia’s most luxurious resorts, qualia is favoured by HotelsCombined visitors for its variety of on-site dining experiences, and of course, the pools with or without Chris.


5. Paris Hilton – Palms Resort Las Vegas, USA

Paris Hilton at Palms Resort Las Vegas

Paris Hilton exuded every ounce of glamour while showing off the poolside view from her suite at Palms Resort Las Vegas located right on the strip. The former reality star is now selling out DJ gigs and scoring herself nights at some of the world’s flashiest hotels. It seems excess is always better than the simple life.


6. Ellie Goulding – 1 Hotel South Beach, USA

Ellie Goulding at 1 Hotel South Beach

Recording artist Ellie Goulding has all the love for the eco-friendly 1 Hotel South Beach. With views that stunning, we can’t help falling head over heels as well. It’s positioned right on the beach and soaks up those sunny Miami days with a cosy rooftop terrace.


7. Milla Jovovich – Hotel Bel Air Los Angeles, USA

Milla Jovovich at Hotel Bel Air Los Angeles

Even in greyscale, Hotel Bel Air Los Angeles can still take your breath away. The courtyard pool at actress Milla Jovovich’s suite is clearly the perfect spot to enjoy some California sun, even if that giant inflatable swan looks like it’s trying to drown that man.


8. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Gateway Canyons Resort, USA

Jesse Tyler Ferguson at Gateway Canyons Resort
Gateway Canyons

Jesse Tyler Ferguson looks pretty darn excited to be staying at Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado. The Modern Family star couldn’t have picked a better hotel for experiencing America’s untouched wilderness. Utter luxury, horseback riding and helicopter rides meet outdoor pools surrounded by rocky outcrops.


9. Chiara Ferragni – Amangiri, USA

Chiara Ferragni at Amangiri

Think you need water for an Instagram-worthy view? Utah provides plenty of breathtaking vistas in the middle of America, including this one from Amangiri, captured by fashion designer Chiara Ferragni who has appeared on the cover of Vogue and Marie Claire, and who now has about 9 million Instagram followers. It’s a great view, but she’s missing out on the hotel’s outdoor Jacuzzi and heated pool.


10. Rachel Zoe – Esperanza Auberge Resort Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Rachel Zoe at Esperanza Auberge Resort Cabo San Lucas
Rachel Zoe at Esperanza Auberge Resort Cabo San Lucas

Fashion stylist, author and reality TV show creator Rachel Zoe clearly likes her hotel views to be as beautiful as the celebrities she dresses. For someone who’s worked with Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence, those vistas must be exquisite. There might not be a better spot in the world for cocktail-coloured sunsets and a warm fire than by the ocean at Esperanza Auberge Resort Cabo San Lucas. Five stars doesn’t quite capture the opulence of this exclusive retreat, which boasts its own private beach.


11. Eva Longoria – ME Ibiza, Ibiza

Eva Longoria at ME Ibiza

Former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria captured a different side of Ibiza with this tranquil ocean view from her balcony at the luxury five-star resort, ME Ibiza. This island oasis amplifies relaxation with a luxurious infinity pool and yoga classes.


12. Izabel Goulart – Alvear Palace Hotel, Argentina

Izabel Goulart at Alvear Palace Hotel

Victoria Secret model  Izabel Goulart, who’s worked with Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum, may not have picked the comfiest way to sleep, but the bed at Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires sure looks heavenly. Chandeliered suites are just the beginning at this stylish hotel, which has a 9.8/10 rating according to HotelsCombined visitors, primarily thanks to its gorgeous bathtubs and elegant on-site bar.

Fact: Celebrities Are Holiday Queens & Kings

Love them or hate them, we must admit celebrities can certainly pick dream hotels better than most. There’s a definite love affair between these celebs and luxurious amenities, from infinity pools to ocean views and sun-drenched balconies. But it’s not just them. HotelsCombined visitors also gave these celebrity-picked hotels an overall rating of 9 or better.

So the next time you’re looking for a luxury hotel for a holiday getaway, check out where your favourite celebs have been staying. You might just find that dream spot.

Which celebrity do you think picked the best hotel? Let us know in the comments below.


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Author: Ben Stower

I'm enamoured with travel, whether it's finding the quiet, local sanctuaries in touristic cities, venturing into rock vaults in a distant jungle or spending hours on a Spanish beach. I can't see an end to my travelling. Just another chapter and another story to tell.

Ben Stower
I'm enamoured with travel, whether it's finding the quiet, local sanctuaries in touristic cities, venturing into rock vaults in a distant jungle or spending hours on a Spanish beach. I can't see an end to my travelling. Just another chapter and another story to tell.
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3 thoughts on “12 Photos of Celebrities in Luxury Hotels that will Blow Your Mind”

  1. Dreamy!! Luxury hotels can be a little pricey but if you stick to affordable countries you can live like royalty for a surprisingly affordable price tag. Or just splash out for a night or two. I LOVE Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado. Such an amazing setting and you can sometimes score a great deal!

  2. I’ve stayed at the 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami! Such a gorgeous property, right on the beach. The rooftop pool is to die for and is perfect for an afternoon cocktail. The location is perfect, you’re between the party in South Beach and the more refined Mid Beach – and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is just a short walk away, although we utilised the free 3-mile radius Tesla service from the hotel. Oh and its well worth it to splurge on a room with an ocean view, waking up here was like a dream come true!

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