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11 Clever Tips For Bagging A Hotel Bargain

Have you ever told the hotel reception clerk that it’s your honeymoon in the hope of an upgrade? Did you wait until the very last minute to score a discounted rate? Or did you show the hotel manager cheaper rates on the HotelsCombined mobile app and beg for a cheaper deal? We’ve all tried one way or another to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation – it’s an essential part of holiday budgeting.

Finding the best deal can be a challenging and time consuming. But never fear, the team here at HotelsCombined have put their heads together and come up with a clever list of booking tips and tricks, to help you save money!

Book via mobile.

Try booking using your mobile phone or app – some hotels offer “mobile only” rates. By using the HotelsCombined mobile app to compare your hotel options,  you just might find a cheaper price.

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Be flexible


Flexibility with your travel dates will allow you to take advantage of fluctuations in room prices. Rates change and you may find that it’s cheaper to stay at a hotel from Saturday to Tuesday than from Wednesday to Friday.

Who doesn’t love a free extra?


Keep an eye out for hotels offering complimentary breakfast, WIFI or cancellation. These added elements will save you a few dollars when it comes to settling the bill.

Book the Standard.


Standard rooms are generally the most affordable hotel rooms.

Think independent.


Look beyond the big hotel chains. Independent hotels can offer excellent rates and services and are often up to 50 per cent cheaper than major chains.

Show you are loyal.


Joining Hotel Loyalty programs or membership clubs can be your ticket to discounted rates or upgrade offers. These programs are usually free to join and you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits (better room placement or amenities, discount codes and sales) for your next stay.

Check your rate.


Make sure the rate you are being offered includes taxes and additional fees. The prices listed on HotelsCombined include all of these fees so you know what you are in for, upfront.

Know your seasons.


Understand the peak seasons and the low seasons, and the events that will be occurring in the city you are travelling to at that time. These factors will affect the rate and availability of hotel rooms.

Plan in advance.


Booking at least 30 days in advance will ensure you get the pick of the widest range of hotel room options. Not only can room prices can jump in the lead up to a particular date, but the availability and room choice will be limited.

Extend your stay.


While it’s not necessarily cheaper to book more than one night at a time, occasionally hotels do offer a fourth or a fifth night free.

Shop around online.


Research is the key and you should be sure to check out as many options as possible. There are hundreds of sites out there that offering different rates and options. HotelsCombined compares them all, simply and efficiently. You’ll find the best room rate every time, guaranteed.

 Are there any tips you feel we’ve missed?! 

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