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Woman on Tropical Beach with Laptop ComputerProvided the conspiracy theories are wrong and that December 2012 won’t, in fact, prove to be the end of existence as we know it, there’s a lot to look forward to in terms of travel editorial over the coming year. As more and more travel bloggers crop up around the globe, the calibre of both written and photographic content continues to blossom; full of dazzling images, useful tips and insider itinerary suggestions, these blogs certainly help keep the flame of travel inspiration burning bright. To help sort through all the overwhelming travel guides continually becoming available online, we present to you our top 10 picks to follow going forward into 2013:

Inside the Travel Lab 

A former doctor, Abi King has truly found her calling as the alchemist of her online travel lab. Full of amazing photos, insightful reflections and fabulous writing, we can’t help but get lost in her storytelling whenever we visit the site (which makes for some VERY unproductive workdays). From street art in the Grenadines to a Maldives safari, she evokes a fascinating world beyond the tourist traps that we simply adore exploring along with her.

Backpacker Becki

Backpacker Becki (Rebecca Enright) meets with the locals on one of her recent adventures in Nepal.

Backpacker Becki

Also known as Rebecca Enright, Backpacker Becki produces a solo female travel blog full of quirky travel observations – really, why are there so many topless men in Beijing?! Never one to shy away from adventure, this upbeat Brit cheerfully recounts her travel experiences –both good and bad – with a sense of humour and an open mind. When we chatted with Becki earlier this year, she urged women not to be afraid to hit the road alone: “Solo female travel is a big thing now and shouldn’t be seen as a scary option. Sure, you might have to watch your back a bit more and be careful, but that applies everywhere, even at home.”

Monkeys and Mountains

A Canadian with a penchant for monkeys and – you guessed it – mountains, Laurel Robbins’ blog is not only a great outdoor adventure resource, but it’s also a handy expat guide. An expat herself (she now lives in Germany), Robbins’ counsels fellow emigrants on relevant topics including coping with loneliness, learning a new language and celebrating holidays away from family. As an expat myself (I’m a Canadian now living in Australia), her advice has certainly been much appreciated!

Stop Having a Boring Life

The title of the blog alone is enough to incite inspiration. The tagline is even better – “You’ll never know unless you go.” Featuring a solo female section, videos and tips, Rob, the blog’s host, is always honest, always interesting and always engaging.

Santiago, Guatemala

This amazing image of Guatemala is just one of many stunning photos on the Beers and Beans Pinterest page.

Beer and Beans

Randy and Beth are a travelling couple – she’s a professional photographer, he’s a professional journalist – who are a match made in blogger heaven. From international cuisine to travel tips to giveaways to in-depth destination profiles, this dynamic duo have got the travelling stratosphere covered. And if you’re a Pinterest buff, be sure to check out their page which has swiftly become one of the most followed travel accounts on the social media platform – and for good reason.

Nomadic Chick

There’s no denying that Jeannie Mark, a.k.a. the Nomadic Chick, is one brave traveller – in fact, it was her post on running with the bulls in Pamplona this past July that really made us sit up and take notice. Proving that solo travel can be done at any age, at any point in life, Ms. Mark motivates her readers to face and overcome their fears – and we’re certainly willing to take the leap along with her. Bonus: She’s one of the few travel bloggers out there who actually provides her Skype details and welcomes online chats with readers.

Hecktic Travels

This nomadic married couple openly discusses issues ranging from coping with grief while abroad to the pain of leaving friends and family behind to pursue wanderlust. Touching and truthful, it’s a must-read for anyone currently journeying the globe.

Traveling Canucks

Married and with baby in tow, Nicole and Cameron Wears aim to demonstrate that anyone, regardless of their situation or travel style, can experience amazing adventures around the globe. Unlike most travel bloggers, the duo are grounded to one spot – they own a home in Vancouver and have a fairly regular work routine- but have simply chosen to make travel a priority. It’s a comforting philosophy for those of us who aren’t quite ready to sell all our possessions and live out of a backpack just yet!

Y Travel Blog

This traveling family of four roam the globe as well as their home country of Australia with contagious enthusiasm. Full of great family-friendly advice and suggestions, the blog helps readers organize and plan out their trips step-by-step – from finding affordable accommodation to planning vacation budgets. A Godsend for working parents looking to arrange a family escape with as little aggravation as possible.

Havasu Falls in Arizona

One of the impressive shots captured by photographer duo Ordinary Traveler.

Ordinary Traveler

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are two professional photographers who have journeyed around the world together since 2006. Their travel blog,, is full of the stunning pictures they’ve captured along their adventures – from dazzling city landscapes to breathtaking action shots, this pair knows exactly what it takes to capture a magical moment. And if you’re heading to San Diego and want to know where to grab some grub, the pair has also recently launched a city food blog.