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Stephanie Yoder, Founder of

Stephanie Yoder, Editor in Chief of

Your twenties, it is said, are some of the most important years of your life.  You are still figuring out who you are and what exactly you want from life. Travel is a big part of that discovery. Stephanie Yoder has been roaming the world since she graduated from college in 2007 and in that time has developed on of the top independent travel blogs on the internet.

Steph’s blog,, aims to provide fellow twenty-something travellers with the inspiration, encouragement and the advice needed to take a break and have an adventure. Described as the girl who can’t sit still, Steph shares her own experiences and advice as she roams various continents with her husband and fellow travel blogger, Michael.

Steph recently took the time to have a chat with us about the foundations of her blog, provide some advice for fellow travellers and share the travel accessories that she just can’t leave behind:

What was it that prompted you to start blogging about your travel experiences?

I was planning a big trip and I started as a way of keeping myself motivated. I also hoped that the blog would show other American’s how easy it is to travel in your twenties.


Steph started as a way of motivating others to travel too.

What is it about that sets it apart from other travel blogs and makes it successful?

It’s hard to say. I started my blog five years ago, when the competition wasn’t nearly as fierce as it is today. I’ve always tried to focus primarily on interesting writing and perspectives. Over time I think people have become invested in following my story.

While you travel with your husband and fellow travel blogger, Mike, you are also an advocate for solo travel; do you have any advice for other young people who are considering travelling alone?

I think the scariest part of traveling alone is actually just making the decision to do it. It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some of the things that scare you. You can learn a lot about yourself traveling alone and I definitely feel that it is something that everyone should try it at least once.

It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some of the things that scare you.

Do you think there will be a point in your life that you slow down and settle in one place permanently?

Slow down- maybe. Settle in one place- probably. Stop traveling- never.

What are you three ‘must-have’ travel essentials?

If I had to pick just three, I would say; my laptop (for work), my kindle (for pleasure) and my camera (for exploring). I guess I’m pretty dependent on my electronics!

Are there any destinations still on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list but there are so so so many places in the world I want to visit. It’s a list that constantly grows, it never shrinks. I would say that my priorities at the moment are Andalusia, Hawaii and Korea. My ‘next destination’ is always changing.

And because I have to ask, where has been your favourite place to stay recently?

The Coast Annabelle Hotel, USA

The Coast Anabelle Hotel, USA

I recently did a road trip sponsored by Coast Hotels, a chain of hotels in the western US and Canada. They own hotels like Coast Anabelle Hotel and Coast Abbotsford Hotels & Suites. While I hadn’t heard of them before the trip but they were surprisingly great- each hotel has its own character, decor and restaurants. When I am travelling, I always prefer hotels that are a little bit original and different than your typical cookie cutter chains.

For more travel advice and suggestions you can visit Steph’s blog at She can also be found on Twitter at @20sTravel.