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HotelsCombined / Blog / Just Beachy – How Travel Blogger Isabelle Kenis is Brightening Up Thursdays

Isabelle Kenis, travel blogger and #BeachThursdays creator!

Isabelle Kenis’ online travel guide has long been a helpful resource for travelers thanks to its helpful tips on where to eat, stay and play – but it’s her new Beach Thursday site that’s really making waves (pun intended). Initially started as a spontaneous Twitter hashtag, Beach Thursday has gone on to become an immensely popular weekday tradition that creates social media chatter across the globe; undertake a quick Twitter search for #BeachThursday and dozens upon dozens of drool-worthy photos and wistful comments are sure to populate your feed.

In celebration of Kenis’ new website and her ode to all things beach, I recently chatted with the travel guru to get the inside scoop on the best spots to enjoy some sun and sand:

Why Beach Thursday? Why not Beach Monday or Friday?

It could have easily be any other day of the week, but when I created the idea, it was a Thursday and Tuesday had #TravelTuesday, Friday had #FollowFriday and I thought Thursday could use a hashtag too. It was gloomy outside that day and I was daydreaming of being on a sunny beach somewhere. After #BeachThursday grew out to be the largest social media event on beaches I decided to launch a website on all things beachy.

Beach Thursday has proved to be quite popular on the Twittersphere. Are you surprised by its success?

Yes, as it started out as just a fun idea. I love that so many get involved and it has surprised me how many beach lovers are out there. I’m using Pinterest a lot these days and also there you can see that people want to spend time on the beach, have their feet in the sand and relax.

Obviously, you’ve seen and been to a LOT of beaches. Do you have a favourite?

One of the many spectacular photos found on Isabelle's #BeachThursday website - the 12 Apostles along Australia's Great Ocean Road.

One of the many spectacular photos found on Isabelle’s #BeachThursday website – the 12 Apostles along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

I do have a personal top 5 on my website. I like that they all have their own charm. But if I have to pick a favorite it`s just too hard. I’ve recently been to a few other beaches in Bermuda, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Western Australia and the beaches along the Great Ocean Road, having seen these, I might have to update my list. This is the Twelve Apostles, maybe not a beach to go for a swim, but what a view!

Is there a beach you haven’t been to yet that’s on your bucket list?

There sure is, the beaches in the Pacific Ocean. The Cook Islands and French Polynesia are high on my bucket list.

What’s the best beachside resort you’ve been to?

Bermuda’s stunning Elbow Beach.

That’s a tough one. Elbow Beach in Bermuda was lovely, gorgeous rooms and the color of  the sea is something like I’d never seen before. I also liked staying at the Hideaway Resort in Fiji because of the privacy of your own beach villa and the outdoor shower is the nicest one I’ve seen.

Describe your ideal beach day.

Enjoying a sunrise while wild dolphins treat you to a show by jumping and flipping around. This actually happened to me at Bethany Beach on the East Coast of the USA.

Having breakfast on the porch of my beach house and then making my way to the beach to find myself with a book so good you can`t put it down. A beach picnic for lunch, continuing my day under an umbrella with good music and a swim in the afternoon. Finishing my beach day with a colorful cocktail to walk back to my beach house to freshen up for a BBQ dinner. Ending the ideal day with a sunset beach walk!

Might I add I don’t own a beach house (yet!), but you did ask to describe my ideal beach day 🙂