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Something different at the Ice Hotel, Sweden

Experience something different at the Ice Hotel, Sweden

Here at HotelsCombined HQ, we got to thinking that there must be some hotels within our database that would make for a slightly different or unique kind of holiday. While beaches and pools are lovely, maybe it’s time to break the mold and consider some of the interesting options out there. They are well worth considering!

Here are our top picks for a holiday with a slightly unusual feel:

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi, konstkatalog 2012/2013.

The majestic Ice Hotel Sweden is rebuilt every year

Did you love Elsa in the Disney movie Frozen? Well here is your chance to ‘let it go’ and experience living in your very own ice palace. And by ‘palace’, we mean the aptly named Icehotel – the world’s largest hotel built of snow and ice.

Located in a small village in Northern Sweden, more than 50,000 people make the trip every year to check out the amazing Icehotel, see the Northern Lights and experience the unique sensation of sleeping in a building constructed from 30,000 tonnes of snow and ice. Each winter the hotel is re-created by visiting artists and designers.

The ‘cold’ accommodation options include suites with beautifully carved features or rooms with light installations that mimic the Northern Lights. For those not quite prepared to brave the cold overnight – never fear – there are also a number of ‘warm’ accommodation options including rooms and chalets.

Amangiri, Utah, United States

Amangiri, Utah

Disappear into the landscape at Amangiri, Utah

Have you ever felt like packing your bags and disappearing into the distance? The Amangiri Resort gives guests the opportunity to do just that. Situated on 600 acres of desert in Southern Utah, Amangiri – meaning ‘peaceful mountain’ – has been architecturally designed to disappear and blend into the natural landscape.

The solitary location of the resort offers guests the opportunity to escape into the peaceful scenic surrounds of the desert. The closest village is 25 minutes away and the resort is surrounded simply by bottomless canyons and towering plateaus.

For those wanting to take advantage of the day trips and activities available – the hotel has a number of BMWs available for your use. Alternatively, stay and relax with magnificent views by the water pavilion or take advantage of the Aman spa which offers exquisite rejuvenation packages including flotation therapy.

Hotel Villa Honegg Ennetburgen

Hotel Villa Honegg Ennetburgen

Views for miles at the Hotel Villa Honegg Ennetburgen

How about that view? Perched on a hill overlooking the majestic Lake Lucerne, the unrivalled views of the Swiss Alps and the peace that it offers guests makes this hotel a unique experience.

The Swiss have relaxation down to a tee – enjoy an after dinner drink and cigar in the elegant Fireside Lounge or perhaps take in a movie at the in-house cinema. The panoramic views from the hotel infinity pool are simply incredible, with underwater music and even a whirlpool area.

If you do choose to move from the amazing pool at any stage during your stay, you might like to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, overlooking the valley of Engelberg and the mountains – there are fur coats on hand to ensure you don’t get too cold.

The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

Take a chance on how many stars  you’ll stay in at The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

Located in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam, we are not exaggerating when we say that this hotel caters to all travelers. It’s the first of its kind in the world, with 117 rooms ranging from one to five stars. Seriously.

The property has an interesting history, originally a migrant’s hotel it served as a prison for a number of decades, before being transitioned into a hotel and officially opened as the hotel and cultural embassy in 2004. MVRVD are the architects that worked on the hotel design and they have focused on opening the previously closed spaces and bringing in natural light. Over fifty designers and artists worked on the interior of the hotel, bringing it to life.

The rooms are assigned by chance on arrival and the feel of the hotel is relaxed overall. There is a bar and restaurant available onsite for guests of the hotel and locals.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel

Aydinli Cave House Hotel

Take your family underground at stunning Aydinli Cave House Hotel

Have you been living in a cave? Would you like to? The Aydinli Cave House Hotel is definitely one of a kind and perfect for the whole family. Situated in the heart of Goreme’s historic village, the hotel is beautiful a mixture of cave rooms and stone-arched rooms overlooking Uchisar and Cavusin.

The site is rich in history, with its use dating back to medieval times. More recently it has been renovated from a family property to include all the modern amenities you could need for your stay. You’ll love eating breakfast on the roof-terrace and there are plenty of day trips you can do nearby. With hand-carved furnishings and locally made textiles, the owners of the hotel take great pride in conserving and sharing their family history as well as the history of the property and area.

So if cookie-cutter accommodation options aren’t for you – there are plenty of options that can add a little something else to your trip. Have you ever stayed in a different or unique hotel?

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