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HotelsCombined / Blog / HotelsCombined Announces the Top Aussie Travel Bloggers for 2013's Top Australian Travel Bloggers

As travel industry experts, the team here at HotelsCombined follow a number of travel blogs to help keep up-to-date on all the latest trends and gadgets. As an Australian owned and operated enterprise, we are naturally drawn to Aussie storytellers. Our pick of the best Aussie travel blogs for 2013 offers a selection of the most inspiring, practical and amusing travel anecdotes – perfect for discovering more about a multitude of locations or travelling styles. Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip or looking to uncover for the best place to have coffee on your weekend away, these blogs are a must-read for both budding and experienced travellers.

These top Aussie bloggers have been on some wild, weird and wacky escapades, including eating guinea pigs in Peru (The Travel Tart), attending garden parties at Buckingham Palace with the Queen (Journey Jottings) and trekking on glaciers in Iceland (Don’t Ever Look Back). Caz and Craig from Ytravel blog are even jet-setting around the globe with two tots in tow.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 Aussie travel blogs for 2013 (in no particular order):

Don’t Ever Look Back is the blog of boyfriend-girlfriend duo, Kieron and Amy. Based in Melbourne, the pair travels overseas whenever they get a chance and have already made their way across 13 countries in the last five years. An awesome blog for travel pointers on the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The Aussie Nomad follows the adventures of vegemite crusader Chris, who gives some great tips on working and living abroad and how to budget when you’re backpacking.

The Travel Tart features the offbeat tales of a travel addict and focuses on the comical and bizarre side of travelling. Anthony, the face behind the blog, is also a lover of beer and has created a global ‘beer index’ which outlines the price of beer per litre in over 30 countries!

Not Quite Nigella is the creation of Sydney girl Lorraine Elliot. As the title of her blog suggests, Lorraine is a food enthusiast and has been eating and cooking her way across the globe since 2007.

GetInTheHotSpot author Annabel has been a travel nomad for some 27 years and as you can imagine, has a wealth of travel knowledge under her belt. Nowadays Annabel mainly blogs about her trips in Australia and also posts some great holiday exercise routines for those health conscious travellers.

Aussie on the Road follows the travel wanderings of Chris who began his blog after he moved to South Korea for an ESL teaching position. The blog is a combination of travel tips and Chris’s own personal tales of relationships, ESL teaching and travel musings.

Y travel blog is the brainchild of Caz and Craig. Together this couple has travelled to more than 40 countries and they’ve blogged about it all. Now travelling with their two daughters, Caz and Craig offer great tips on family travel.

Journey Jottings was created by Linda. The blog details all the best Australian travel destinations from a local’s perspective. Linda also makes and sells journal maps to help travellers track their latest adventures.

Rocky Travel is a must visit blog for anyone planning a trip to Australia. The blog is written by Italian-born traveller Michela who first visited Australia in2004. She fell in love with it and now spends her free time telling fellow travellers about the best things to do in Oz and showing people how to really travel like a local.

SheGoes blogger Emma began her writing career drafting letters to fairies near her Dad’s shed. Nowadays she blogs about inspiring travel tales as well as articles on love, life and relationships.

Congrats to all these fabulous folks – we look forward to seeing what you get up to next!