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Introducing Australian Travel Diva Extraordinaire – SheGoes!

Here at HotelsCombined, we”ve recently become besotted with Emma Gardiner”s quirky Aussie travel/lifestyle/culinary blog. From heartfelt musings on relationships to suggestions for a “kick ass” Canberra weekend getaway, there is never a dull post in the SheGoes arsenal – moreover, … Continue reading

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Dishing With Lindsay: Meet the Lucky Lady Paid to Eat Out Every Day for a Year!

It”s every foodie”s dream job – a gig that involves eating out at a different restaurant every day for a year and getting paid $50,000 to boot.  Add on a one-year gym membership as well as living expenses, and you”re … Continue reading

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Expert Advice: Dan and Audrey from Uncornered Market Share Travel Tips with the HotelsCombined Community

Dan and Audrey from major travel blog Uncornered Market are a professional writer/photographer team who have visited a whopping 75 countries in the last six years! With all that trekking around the globe, these nomads are naturally full of helpful … Continue reading

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He'll Make you An Offer You Can't Refuse: Meet "The Godfather" of the Hotel Industry

Victor Baraya might not order anyone to “sleep with the fishes” or have devotees kissing his ring finger, but the concierge”s powerful connections and inside knowledge of the hospitality industry have earned him the same awe and admiration that made … Continue reading

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Walking on the Wild Side: Expert Vagabond Matthew Karsten Talks Adventure Travel

Matthew Karsten’s blog, The Expert Vagabond, is not for the faint of heart. In it, the professional photographer details his hair-raising travel experiences which include the likes of downhill mountain biking, skydiving and canyoning (he also doesn’t shy away from … Continue reading

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Travelling as a Couple Without Breakdowns or Breakups (with Travels4Couples)

Travel can certainly bring out the best in people, but it can oftentimes bring out the worst too. With stressful obstacles such as lost luggage, language barriers and noisy hotel neighbours to contend with, it’s not unusual for tempers to … Continue reading

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Where to Stay This Christmas: The Top Ho-Ho-Hotels for Holiday Cheer

Break out the mistletoe and eggnog –the most wonderful time of the year is once again around the corner! And for those about to embark upon a yuletide vacation away from home, we’ve listed the merriest hotels around the globe … Continue reading

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Tots in Tow: Family Blogger Jamie Pearson Talks Kid-Friendly Travel

Travel ain’t what it used to be – gone are the days when families with young children were banished to theme park destinations and buffet restaurants. Today, a whole new range of kid-friendly travel options are available and knowledgeable trendsetters … Continue reading

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World’s Best Hotels in 2012: HotelsCombined’s Top 10

Working for HotelsCombined is a tough job – every day, we’re tortured with images of stunning hotels in exotic locations, which we stare at wistfully from the confines of our desks. While this leads to plenty of daydreaming and some … Continue reading

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Ten Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2013

Provided the conspiracy theories are wrong and that December 2012 won’t, in fact, prove to be the end of existence as we know it, there’s a lot to look forward to in terms of travel editorial over the coming year. … Continue reading

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