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Not Quite Nigella – a.k.a Lorraine Elliot

If you’re on a diet, it’s probably not a good idea to visit Lorraine Eliott’s website. The popular Aussie food blogger, better known as Not Quite Nigella, populates her site with so many delicious food photos and recipes that it’s impossible not to develop an appetite!

But that’s precisely why we love following Lorraine’s gastronomic adventures – whether she’s eating her way around Sydney or Singapore, this nomadic foodie’s vivid imagery and flavourful write-ups never fail to make our mouths water. And that’s one of the reasons we recently named her one of the top 10 Aussie travel bloggers for 2013!

Lorraine recently took the time to share with us her best travel meal, the dishes that she’ll never eat and the Harry Potter culinary experience that’s on her wish list:

When did you realize you had a genuine passion for food?

I think I always knew from a young age that I loved food but I really thought that everyone was like that! And then I met my husband and he told me that he never thought about food and only ate because he had to. That was the strangest idea to me because I think the opposite.

How do you manage to stay healthy and fit when on the road enjoying such amazing cuisine?

It’s really hard and probably the hardest part of this whole caper! I now have a personal trainer that helps motivate me although I will admit that I’m not a natural when it comes to exercise. I have to be forced into it! 🙂

What’s your favourite food destination?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one because there are so many incredible cuisines around the world but I do find Japan offers a great glimpse into a wide range of food. I could never get bored there!

The Treetops Lodge in New Zealand.

The best hotel restaurant experience you’ve had?

Treetops Lodge in New Zealand was sublime. We went for a bushwalk through the ancient forest foraging for Maori ingredients and when we thought that we were going to turn back, we reached a waterfall where a table and chairs were set and the chef Eru Tutaki cooked us a glorious meal.

Are you pretty adventurous when it comes to food? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I suppose I’d consider myself quite adventurous. We ate crickets last night! 🙂 But there are things that I won’t eat too like live worms and dog.

Which other food bloggers inspire you?

I tend to connect with food bloggers that write well, I really like it when I get to know a person through their writing. So anyone that writes their blog well, well known or not, is someone that I find inspiring.

What food experience is on your bucket list?

This may sound strange and from left field but Harry Potter World at Universal Studios! I want to drink a Butterbeer!

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