Exploring Taiwan’s Top-Rated Hotels

Silks Place Taroko

Silks Place Taroko is one of Taiwan’s most scenic – and best reviewed – resorts.

Taiwan is a fast-growing tourism destination with a breadth of natural and historic attractions to enjoy – and for shopping fanatics, it boasts some of the best night markets on the planet.

But with thousands of accommodation options available across the island, it can be hard to know exactly where to stay. And that’s where we can help – in addition to comparing prices from all major travel sites so our users can get the best deal, HotelsCombined also aggregates over 38 million reviews so travellers can see for themselves which properties scored highest in guest feedback.

We recently took a look through our database of over 3,000 Taiwanese properties to see which hotels stood out amongst the others when it came to customer reviews; in the end, eight amazing properties shone through for their ratings of 9.0 or over out of 10 (with a minimum number of 250 reviews).  Without further ado, here are Taiwan’s top-rated hotels:

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Guest Review: Luxury at its Best with the Conrad Tokyo

Exterior Conrad Tokyo

Our guest blogger, Nicole Connolly of Suitcase Stories, shares her recent experience at the Conrad Tokyo.

There are thousands of things to do in Tokyo and it’s definitely hard to choose only a handful of things to explore when visiting. As is the case with most large metropolitan areas, there are enough museums, shopping areas, spas, restaurants, and so on to keep guests entertained for months. Therefore, it would seem that the biggest question when visiting Japan’s capital city is not so much what to do, but where to find a quiet and comfortable hotel to sleep.

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Getting to Know Us: Meet our Turkish Marketing Manager Cemine


Meet Cemine, our Turkish Marketing Manager.

Available worldwide in over 40 languages and in 120 currencies, HotelsCombined is a
thoroughly global company – and if you popped by our offices one day, you’d see that our employees are just as international, hailing from all four corners of the planet.

To start taking advantage of all this internal knowledge that our staff possess, we started featuring members of our diverse crew to help our users get true insight into the range of travel destinations found on our site. So far in our “Getting to Know Us” series, we’ve explored South East Asia by chatting to our Indonesian Marketing Manager Debora about Bali hot spots and to our Thai Marketing Manager Paul about his hometown of Chiang Mai.

This month, we journey to Eastern Europe to get some inside travel tips and advice from our Turkish Marketing Manager, Cemine.  Here, she dishes on her favourite Turkish meals, on her picks for must-see attractions and naturally, on her preferred hotel stays:

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Western Wonders: We Chat with Western Australia Travel Guru Johanna Castro

Meet Jo Castro – your friendly West Australia travel specialist!

When visiting Australia, most travellers are sure to make a beeline to Sydney’s iconic harbour, to the lively beach culture of the Gold Coast or to Melbourne’s trendy shopping districts. But there’s obviously more to the country that these attractions – including the rugged beauty and vastness that is Western Australia.

Thankfully, potential tourists interested in learning more about what Western Australia has to offer now have Johanna Castro as a guide. Through her blog zigazag.com, the WA local shares tips on where to eat and stay throughout the expansive Aussie state and provides plenty of inspiration for either short-term or long-term getaways.

Johanna recently took the time to chat with us about the philosophy behind the blog, her top WA sightseeing recommendations and of course, her input on the best hotel stays WA has to offer:

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Exploring Southern California’s Top 10 Seaside Hotels

The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel is one of 10 stunning California seaside retreats we recommend.

Make your stay in the Sunshine State a phenomenal one with striking views of ocean hues!

We’ve named 10 incredible luxury California properties all within walking distance from Golden Coast beaches. After all, you can never get lost at the beach; if anything – you’ll find yourself!

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Getting in the Hot Spot with Travel Blogger and Mentor Annabel Candy

Annabel made an impressive new friend
on a recent trip to Zimbabwe.

Always dreamed of running a successful blog, but not sure where to start? Blogger and savvy businesswoman Annabel Candy has got you covered.

The owner and founder of the enormously popular travel site Get In the Hot Spot, Candy is also a mentor within the international blogging community, regularly providing writing tips, private consultations and design advice. We recently caught up with the Aussie nomad to chat about her favourite travel destinations, her advice for first-time bloggers and about that one time she shared a hotel with Justin Bieber…

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Celebrating Australia Day: We’re Giving Away Stays at 10 of the Country’s Most Iconic Hotels!


HotelsCombined is proud to be a thoroughly international company that’s owned and operated here in Australia. To celebrate all the success we’ve been able to achieve in Oz over the years, we’re giving away 10 famed Australian hotel stays in the lead-up to Australia Day this year. Our fabulous online community will have the chance of snagging getaways at the following illustrious properties (entries can be made at win.hotelscombined.com):

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The Best New Hotels of 2013 You Have to Visit

It’s been a big year for the hotel industry – from the opening of America’s first LEGOLAND resort to the introduction of the innovative “Instagram hotel,” there’s been a slew of amazing new accommodation options on offer for travellers to enjoy. As we now prepare to embark upon 2014, we decided to take a look back at some of the most exciting properties added to the HotelsCombined database over the last 12 months:

Legoland Hotel

LEGOLAND California Resort, USA

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Getting to Know Us: Meet our Thai Marketing Manager Paul

Meet our Thai Marketing Manager Paul – he’s not usually as serious as he appears in this photo!

When we say we’ve got an international team here at HotelsCombined, we’re not kidding – our staff members hail from Canada, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Taiwan, Spain, Romania, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Britain and Finland among other nations (phew!).

So we decided to start taking advantage of our global status and recently began this “Getting to Know Us” series with our diverse crew to help our users get true insight into the range of travel destinations found on our site – here, we’ll feature the real travel experts who can give you all the inside tips that no guide book ever could.

In November, we chatted with our Indonesian marketing manager Debora to find out all about Bali hot spots and Indonesian cuisine; this month, we feature our Thai marketing manager Paul, who gives us the lowdown on must-see events and top hotel stays:

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Mapping a Unique View of the World: A Q+A with Linda of Journey Jottings

Linda Fairbairn, the creator of unique Aussie travel map and journal products.

Sometimes photographs and video can fail to do a journey justice, something that Linda Fairbairn knows all too well. A revered travel blogger and map enthusiast, Linda is the proud owner of Journey Jottings – a colourful set of travel memory products available in souvenir shops across Australia. With everything from magnets to postcards on offer, Linda’s vibrant artwork aims to provide unforgettable visual memories of travellers’ Australian adventures.

We were recently lucky enough to get the chance to ask the cheerful cartographer a whole series of questions about map-making and Aussie travel, and in return, she provided us with heaps of great tips and advice:

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