5 travel money rip-offs to stay away from this Easter


The Easter long weekend is fast approaching and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a mini vacay without digging into your annual leave. But like any peak holiday period, travelling during Easter can be expensive. While you can’t do much about high flight costs, you can make sure you don’t fall prey to pricey tourist traps. Here are 5 travel money rip-offs that you can easily stay away from this Easter.

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The Force Awakens! Seek Shelter in One of These Six Star Wars Inspired Hotels

star wars

December 18th marks the much anticipated release of The Force Awakens, the next installment in the epic Star Wars saga. As the first Star Wars film in over ten years, long time fans and newcomers alike are running temps with Star Wars fever. What better medicine than a Star Wars themed vacation to soothe your woes? Check out the compilation of these intergalactic inspired properties below. Continue reading

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5 Stops You Don’t Want to Miss on a Bus Trip From LA to Las Vegas

Although Los Angeles and Las Vegas are just 269 miles apart, they are worlds apart in other ways, as their nicknames suggest. Traveling from “The City of Angels” to “Sin City” transports you from the beautiful California coastline and surfing beaches to the heart of Nevada’s Mojave Desert, passing some interesting milestones along the way.

los angeles

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28 Sydney Hotels With Perfect Harbour Views – The Ultimate Guide

Sydney Harbour

Sydney is a must for any visitor to Australia, with natural beauty, interesting culture, and famous beaches. However the biggest draw is the Sydney Harbour, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. 54kms of water is surrounded by 240kms of shoreline, and the harbour is at its best on a sunny day, with vibrant blue water dotted with boats and ferries.

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Which Countries Are Obsessed with the World’s Top Stars

It’s hard to ignore Americans’ cultural fascination with celebrity. From revelling in the drama of the Kardashians’ on-screen spats to monitoring Miley Cyrus’ latest burst of Instagram exhibitionism, the U.S. has plenty invested in the exploits of its stars. But in a world increasingly connected by the global reach of digital media, celebrity obsession transcends national boundaries, delivering up-to-the minute coverage to fans (and fanatics) across continents. At HotelsCombined, we set out to determine exactly which countries are most fascinated by the biggest stars on earth. To do so, we analyzed Google Trends data for searches relating to the world’s 20 most powerful celebrities, as ranked by Forbes. Our results proved more than a little surprising.

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Recommended by HotelsCombined: Ten Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2015

header-HC-recommends-2015As tourism industry specialists, we here at HotelsCombined follow numerous travel blogs in order to keep up-to-date on what’s happening throughout the travel world. This year, we wanted to celebrate 10 especially outstanding blogs we feel confident giving our official seal of approval to.

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11 Clever Tips For Bagging A Hotel Bargain

Have you ever told the hotel reception clerk that it’s your honeymoon in the hope of an upgrade? Or did you wait until the very last minute to book to try and score a discounted rate? We’ve all tried one way or another to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation – it’s such a big part of a holiday budget.

Finding the best deal can be a challenging and time consuming. But never fear, the team here at HotelsCombined have put their heads together and come up with a clever list of booking tips and tricks, to help you save money!

Be flexible.


Flexibility with your travel dates will allow you to take advantage of fluctuations in room prices. Rates change and you may find that it’s cheaper to stay at a hotel from Saturday to Tuesday than from Wednesday to Friday.

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The World’s Top Hotels for Viewing Northern Lights

Top Hotels for Viewing Northern Lights

Guess which hotel has views of this stunning aurora…

The Aurora Borealis – or “dawn of the north” – is a stunning natural phenomenon that every traveller should have on their bucket list. From Greenland (home to one of the world’s most northerly hotels) to Finland’s Lapland (where cosy glass igloos await), HotelsCombined offers plenty of incredible sky-gazing opportunities to experience:

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HotelsCombined Names UK ‘Stellar Stays’ Award Winners

Stellar Stays Today at HotelsCombined HQ, we are proud to announce 18 outstanding properties across the UK as winners of our second annual ‘Stellar Stays’ awards.

We have searched out extensive database of properties, and from  31,000 hotels across the UK, whittled it down to just a select few. Without further ado, the 2014/2015 HotelsCombined ‘Stellar Stays’  UK hotels are:

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The World’s Best Family-Friendly Hostels

YHA Port Eliot Beach House

YHA Port Eliot Beach House, is a particularly family friendly hostel.

Once predominantly associated with the 20-something backpacker, hostels around the world are now recognizing the demand for affordable family accommodation and have been adapting their facilities accordingly. After all, hostels are an ideal lodging option for families on a budget: They’re centrally-located, can house numerous people in the same room and boast cost-saving features such as laundry rooms and courtesy shuttle buses.

With a database of over 800,000 properties, HotelsCombined has a wide variety of hostel options to choose from and the search filters on our site make it particularly easy to locate family-friendly properties.


Features to seek out when booking a hostel stay with kids:

  • Family rooms (ideally located on a separate floor from other door rooms for noise control)
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Child-friendly amenities (cots, highchairs, etc.)
  • Entertainment offerings (video games, board games, a pool, etc.)


These are some of the family-friendly hostels around the world that we recommend:

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